Our story

In our professional activity, we have contributed to a variety of captivating industries, from event organization to contributions in essential sectors such as banking and IT. Our collaborations have covered a wide range of fields, including beauty, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), gas stations, Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Café), tourism, civic, and AI & Data Science, bringing value and innovation to each collaboration.

Our experience includes collaborations with leaders in fields such as banking and IT, alongside beauty brands and FMCG products, contributing to various projects and creative strategies. We have also worked with renowned gas stations and developed successful initiatives in the Horeca sector, as well as tourism projects. We have had significant involvement in the civic domain and in exploring AI & Data Science, including our future project, named Recefly.

These varied experiences and collaborations with renowned brands have provided us with a broad perspective on the diversity and complexity of the world in which we operate. With over 100 projects completed in almost 2 years of activity, we have demonstrated not just our capabilities, but also our commitment to excellence and constant performance. We have quickly adapted to the requirements of each industry and made significant contributions to every project we have been involved in, strengthening our reputation as dedicated and innovative professionals.

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